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Salon Policies

By booking with us you agree you have read and will adhere to our salon policies

Deposits & Cancellations

A 50% non-refundable deposits may be required for some services. You will be given instructions how to pay your deposit if required.
If you need to cancel you can do this through 'manage appointments' on our website or notify us as soon as possible.
Any cancellations or changes to a confirmed date with less than 48 hours notice may incur a 50% cancellation charge.

If you fail to turn up more than twice to any appointments, your booking account will be blocked and will require full payment before booking any further appointments. 

If you cancel any appointments with late notice more than twice your booking account will be blocked and will require full payment before booking any further appointments.

If you attend your appointment more than 10minutes late it may be cancelled and marked as a 'no show'. We are very busy and do not want to eat into our next clients appointment. If you have multiple bookings we will discuss which service we will continue with and may charge 50% of the cancelled service.

We appreciate things happen last minute and some things are out of your control, we will try our best to accommodate you when possible but reserve the right to carry out the steps above if needed. 

Prices & Staff

All staff working at Tress & Bloom are self employed therefore they have full control over their own prices, they can choose to set higher or lower prices than other staff. 

All prices shown are *from this price and may be increased if extra product or time is used. We will make you aware of this increase before starting your appointment when possible. 


A thorough consultation will be carried out before your appointment. If we think your expectations will not be met for any reason we will try and make you aware before carrying out your treatment and give you other options that may be better suited. 
Not every service is an exact science and there are many different factors as to why your results may not be exactly as you envisioned, if you have any issues with your treatment please take it up with your stylist/therapist and they will talk you through further options. 

A verbal consultation will be carried out each appointment. If you have any new information that is not stated on your consultation card you must make us aware of the changes.
Including pregnancy, new medication or illness, change in address or contact details and marketing preferences. 

Your data

We do not share your information with any third party.
We collect information only required to carry out your service. 
Consultation cards are stored securely where no one has access except relevant staff and stored for 7 years.
Information stored on computer systems and online is secure and only accessible by relevant staff.  
We may take photos to use on social media or advertisement. We will only use with your consent. 
Any information not needed is destroyed using a paper shredder and disposed of or permanently erased from our computer system.
You have the right to access your records should you wish. 

Patch Testing

Patch tests must be carried following manufactures guidelines at least 48 hours prior to appointment for the following services.
All hair colour services
LVL Lash lift
Brow Lamination
Lash/Brow tint
Semi permanent makeup
Patch test must be carried out regardless of previous application elsewhere and must be carried out if that treatment has not occurred for 6+ months. You will be turned away if no patch test has been done.

No appointment is required for patch testing although the following services require a booked consultation
Semi permanent makeup
Large hair colour change service 
A consultation can be booked for these online. 

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